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Data Protection Policy

In this instance Data Protection refers to the collection of personal data, including contact details and any medical information for adults and children seeking yoga lessons and/or yoga therapy with Carole Lyons.

Contact details are required before joining any class or beginning 1:1 yoga or yoga therapy. In line with the new General Data Protection


Regulation 2018, only information considered necessary will be stored in order to safely conduct the classes or 1:1 meetings or to contact


clients re changes to sessions. Any information held is confidential and will only be shared if express consent is given or where there is


reasonable cause to believe that a child, young person or adult is at risk of  suffering or may be at risk of suffering significant harm or


where disclosure is required by law.Any information held is regarded as personal and confidential and is held securely in line with the 


2018 GDPR and with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council’s Code of Practice. Carole Lyons  is registered  with the ICO.


Should you wish to see a copy of Carole's CNHC registration /DBS certificate, or ICO registration or qualifications , please feel free to ask.

Personal information is held for 8 years for adults and 25 years for children. After this time it is destroyed securely.

Any information held is confidential and will be shared with you during the one to one meetings and if at a later date you wish to see your


historical records these will be available on request.

Your own personal records may be accessed by making a request in writing to Carole Lyons , and the full procedure will then be explained


if required. Information requested would be provided within 40 days .

With respect to children’s records, children and their parents may request access to personal records. The best interests of the child will


always be considered.

Bookings are made through Mind Body which complies with current Data Protection requirements


One to one Yoga Therapy sessions

Case notes for one to ones may be anonymously discussed in supervision meetings between Carole Lyons and her supervisor in order to


ensure the highest quality of care. You may object to this should you wish to and your objection will be noted and respected.

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