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On Line Booking,Pricing and Terms and Conditions

If you would like to book a set of classes, or one to one Yoga Therapy sessions 

 please download theStudioBookings App  . For further information or to contact me directly  call /text me on 07941833736


credits are purchased via the link on the Book Now section on this site or

1 credit = a half hour class

2 credits = an hour class /2 half hour classes

Bundles of credits can be bought for :

£47 - 10 credits

£90 - 20 credits

Private yoga therapy sessions are also available and can be booked as a set number of

sessions at a discounted price or as a single session 


Current Schedule:

The class schedule is updated regularly and can be seen by accessing the studiobookings app or using the link in the Book Now section or


Carole Lyons is fully insured through the British Wheel of Yoga’s insurers and has a current DBS certificate. Carole is registered with the ICO and is a registered Complementary Health and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC)


Terms and Conditions for Class Bookings, 

By Paying for and booking a space for a class, you confirm that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Spaces are booked for the person or persons named at the time of booking. They cannot be transferred to a third party without prior agreement. It is your responsibility to attend the sessions paid for.

Cancellation policy

Please note that our cancellation policy of 24 hours notice. All late cancellations are

automatically charged. Early cancellations will result in credit being added to your

account .  If you cannot make a particular class that you have booked onto for any reason, please cancel your class through the booking system as soon as possible . Thank you for understanding.

Blocks of classes are valid for the stated  weeks and cannot be extended without prior


Please inform the teacher before any class of any injuries, operations, if you are pregnant

or have any medical conditions so that  we can give appropriate modifications. If you have

any injuries or medical conditions, please check with your doctor or medical professional

before attending any yoga classes.


If you would like more guidance about classes please don’t hesitate to call or email me.



Thank you for accepting these terms and conditions.


Please go to book now to book a class 

Call Carole on 07941833736 to book yoga therapy sessions


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