Keep your precious books safe and intact

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Book Bags - NEW

Price £18 (including p+p)

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Blue Leaves 2.jpg


Purple Elephants.jpg
Purple Elephants 4.jpg
Purple Elephants 2.jpg
Purple Elephants inside.jpg
Purple Elephants with books.jpg
Purple Elephants with books 2.jpg
Purple Elephants 3.jpg

Book Bag - Purple


Blue Leaves.jpg
Blue Leaves Inside 3.jpg
Blue Leaves Inside 2.jpg
Blue Leaves Inside.jpg

Book Bag - Blue

Knee Pads for yoga practice. Made with memory foam to support the knee.Fits across the width of the mat £12 plus p+p


Knee Pad BLUE

knee pillows.jpg
knee pillow.jpg


Book Bags - all fit Mantravalli vedic chant book -approx dimensions  30cm x 24cm 

£18 each


Book Bag 2_edited.jpg
Book Bag.jpg
Book Bag 3.jpg

Book bag/organiser-New 

handmade with Liberty fabric £15


Bag for yoga accessories, books etc

Dimensions 30cm x 26cm

Price £18 (includes p+p) 

Acc Bag flat.jpg
Acc Bag open.jpg

Make up bag- handmade with Liberty Fabric. each bag is unique and made with a different fabric and embellishments



More designs coming soon!

For more information or cost of larger orders please contact Carole for discounted prices

To purchase please either contact Carole - stating the colour required and your address, Or use Paypal below.  

Lavender Eye Pillows


£10 each (includes p+p to UK)

Recently provided in goody bags at

London Yoga Festival 2018


Eye Pillow - Blue

Eye Pillow - Reddy-Pink

eye pillows.jpg

Eye Pillow - Gold

Eye Pillow - Purple

Eye Pillows Xmas 2018.jpeg

Christmas gifts

£10 each or £40 for 5 (includes p+p)

Silky soft pillows for sleeping or relaxing in savasana.

Filled with lavender and linseed

Extra long to cover the eyes completely

Removable washable outer covers